Tips & Tricks

  • Clean lens thoroughly before taking any photos
  • Photos are best taken on sunny days before
    10am or after 3pm
  • Note the direction of the house and sun to
    avoid any unwanted shadows
  • Sweep or blow down all surfaces clean
  • Make sure the lawn is cut, edges trimmed,
    cultivate flower beds that have a “packed” appearance
  • Arrange any chairs, tables, open umbrellas on the
    patio and remove BBQ covers
  • Clean up any toys or sand boxes
  • Pavers and walls should be entirely dry and free of any sand
    on the surface. If the entire area isn’t dry, wet down the
    entire area to make the color consistent
  • Remove any dead flowers
  • Check the background of the photo through the camera viewfinder
    for any unwanted objects (wheelbarrows, hoses, etc.)
  • Photos taken from elevations ie; upper decks
    improve the overall view
  • Be sure not to photograph your own shadow
  • Choose an angle that will enhance the paver pattern and joints
  • People and pets in photos make photos more interesting

For more Tips & Tricks on how
to make your project photos look amazing